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Steelcase Leap
Steelcase Leap

Years ago I got some really good advice about how to attract, and keep employees – supply them with the best chair possible even if it meant using folding tables as desks. It was simple logic; comfy employees are more productive and happy, and mice, laptops and keyboards don’t care where they sit. I’ve been a fan of the Herman Miller Aeron chair since my Dot Boom days, but my new favorite website, The Wire Cutter, has done their research and has given the Steelcase Leap the designation as The Best Office Chair.

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When a Shotgun Is Just Too Much

IDEAL 0101 Hard Drive Puncher

I store old hard drives with discard-after-a-certain-date notes taped on them. My thinking is that by then the data will be too old to be useful; credit card numbers, bank accounts, criminal plans, that sort of thing. Obviously actually destroying the data would be way better—and more fun, so along comes the IDEAL 0101 HDP that will punch holes in your hard drive. It’s slower than a shot gun, but cheaper than jail time.

Mini Bootleggers

Back when I was in college, our dates smuggled our liquor into the football stadium in their purses. Which is one of the many reasons why I love Southern women with their gentility and sense of priority and all. Now you can smuggle in a veritable full-service bar thanks to this mini-bottle bootlegger.

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Yop Sign of the Future

Is it a yop sign or a stield sign?

Described as more than a yield, but less than a stop. This mashup by Gary Lauder is a clever solution to unnecessary stop and go intersections. He estimates that $112,238 per year can be saved in time and gas by replacing stop signs at low-traffic intersections with his combination stop and yield sign. It just goes to show you, that given the right perspective, everything can use some improvement.

(Via Wired)

Dropcam: What a Security System Should Be

Drop Cam Wi-Fi Camera

Dropcam sends video to their servers so you can peep from your computer or iPhone. It also means set-up is a snap. The camera itself is only $199, viewing is free, and for $9 per month they’ll keep seven days of recorded video for you. And unlike an alarm system that makes a bunch of noise and blindly calls the police, Dropcam can alert you with motion sensing, and will send you a text. Imagine. You can call the police and give them a description of the perps without ever leaving your barstool. Technology really does make things better.

Pick one up at dropcam.com.

DIY for Aspiring Dictators

I remember grade school career week when we had to imagine our futures. I was torn between becoming a boxcar hobo or the military dictator of a small caribbean nation. I settled on becoming a dictator because the perks seemed better; you know, oppression of the masses, palaces, better food…

But, alas, I missed my calling. If only M.D. Wilson’s book, Hate You Forever: How to Channel Your Rage into Effective Supervillainy had been available at the time; right now I could be under a US embargo enacted by those capitalist devils in Washington.

This book would look great on any coffee table. It would let the ladies know you mean business, and it might just keep the in-laws in their place.

Pick up a copy at amazon.com

Ode to Our Crazy Hat Inventors

The creative process—the dream—can blind the inventor. Dreams of wee morning infomercial riches and Snuggie like fame can lead to a product like this cam cap that kills the user’s dignity and produces video that looks like the camera was strapped to a drunk, angry cat.

Rather than ridiculing these hapless dreamers, we should thank them for showing the rest of us a blind alley in our collective city of dreams, freeing us to find that open road that leads to a Cher-hosted thirty minute spot on BET. Dream on crazy hat inventor. Dream on.

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The Queen Mother of the King’s English

The Chicago Manual of Style

If you write anything, The Chicago Manual of Style is a must. Although its size and structure look intimidating, it is written in a voice that seems like it came straight from a genteel literature professor, “…among those insecure about their grammar, there’s a tendency to overcorrect and use whom when who would be correct.”

It’s beautifully formatted with its use of Scala font and creamy page color, making it easy on the eyes and a pleasure to read.

You can pick one up at Barnes and Noble.